IDC S.p.A. is able to work jointly with customers in order to drive any possible workshop to explain, share experiences, and drive technologies adoption. From discussing the “as is”, applying experiences and consultancy, up to drive the “to be” scenario.

Leverage the experience of a partner in digital era IT advisory and transformation services. Our IT blueprints focus on cusotmer’s business outcomes and goals, and consider specific transformation needs.

IDC S.p.A. professionals are all experienced people, certified on all technologies with years of experience. All of the team members are able to drive any possible workshop to explain, share experiences, and drive technologies adoption. IDC S.p.A. is an “obsessed by the customer” partner company that is looking at customer transformation providing advisory for any potential improvement and transformation in the As-is to a To-be transition

Digital transformation and management of change services that help accelerate time to value for customers and partners throughout implementation, configurtation and execution

IDC S.p.A. professional Services provides our customers with peace of mind and assistance in exploiting the ongoing value of our technology solutions, cloud and otherwise. Everything we do is focused on providing real business benefits to our customers by improving reliability, performance and proactively recommending enhancements to existing systems.

Our Managed Services team is comprised of highly trained technical personnel who understand industry and vendor best practices in order to achieve our first-class service. Complete with architects and system engineers on hand, we take a proactive systems management approach to reduce risk and quickly identify root cause of issues and respond with efficient resolutions.

Define, manage, support and optimize traditional IT and cloud workload implementation

IDC S.p.A. don’t stop their activity after deploying a project, doesn’t matter on premise or on cloud. Our team is providing operational managed services in the 2nd-level and 3rd-level support area. IDC S.p.A. offer mainly two packaged support services named TechGuard for ticket-based service-desk support service for all certified technologies and TenatGuard that is managing cloud tenant regardless who is the cloud provider with a continue monitoring of clod environment. Both support can be combined controlling the cloud environment from one side and managing services developed eve in the cloud form the other side