About Us

We are leading IT Consultants and a Multi Cloud vendor that advise and empower organisations with digital and digital cloud transformation. We will:

  • Assist you with new technology adoption – solutions that enable your staff productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.
  • Manage existing IT assets and create a roadmap to transition from legacy systems
  • Protect your data, users and IT assets
  • Support and advise. We take care of your IT so you can focus on your businesss

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Cloud, Security and Unified Communications.

As commercial demands continue to grow, organizations are increasingly looking at ways to address these with ever-decreasing resources. To remain competitive, organizations must evolve and find ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while minimizing risk. Cloud computing allows organizations the flexibility and freedom to meet these growing demands.

IDC has been assisting large Corporate and Government Agencies across UAE since 2008 to adopt and take advantage of cloud technologies. We integrate hosted solutions with existing on-premises architectures and establish effective systems and infrastructure management for maximum IT advantage and business value.

IDC is a proud Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Oracle partner, enabling us to ensure your business is cloud ready through cloud strategy and roadmaps. We can provide the best value to meet your needs with:

  • Setting goals and ordering the approach to identify commodity workloads
  • Defining the migration and remediation activities to enable the adoption of cloud Identification of corresponding de-provisioning and de-allocation of on-premises resources and capital, both  human and physical.


IDC started in Italy in 1994 and has been at the forefront of x86 technology since Windows 3.x and Windows NT. We assist organisations maximise their technology investment with solutions optimised to achieve their business goals.

Having seen the evolution of IT, in-house systems and technology, IDC believes in the inevitable shift to the cloud. We believe in this because cloud computing and cloud concepts represent a significant potential to increase agility, lower costs and increase competitive advantage.

IDC is a premier provider of professional and managed services to deliver and enhance your cloud based services.

We work closely with our customers to set cloud and infrastructure strategy, define roadmaps and design effective public and hybrid cloud architectures. Our teams work to design, build, deploy and manage smarter solutions and applications to save you time and money.

Our experienced team of consultants are highly skilled professionals, and many are leaders in their field. We cover a broad range of expertise to bolster your IT capabilities so that you’re always one step ahead.


At IDC S.p.A., we will keep detailed and accurate records, and will have appropriate internal controls in place to act as evidence for all actions, communications and approach to 3rd-party made. We will declare and keep a written record of the amount and reason for hospitality or gifts accepted and given, and understand that gifts and acts of hospitality are subject to managerial review. An Anti-corruption and Business of conduct policies are provided to all of our employees. IDC S.p.A. provides training on those policies as part of the induction process for all new

employees. Employees will also receive regular, relevant training on how to adhere to those policies, and will be asked annually to formally accept that they will comply with the policies.

IDC S.p.A. anti-bribery and corruption policy and zero-tolerance attitude will be clearly communicated to all suppliers, contractors, business partners, and any 3rd-parties at the outset of business relations, and as appropriate thereafter.